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A group of people living in Vilcabamba leave a present of art and colors in the Central Park to make their voice clear that the trees of this common space of our parish are respected.

Crocheted mandalas during days where mothers, daughters and grandmothers met, between stories and laughter, enjoying their creations that are now hugging two of the trees that are a way of celebrating our beloved Vilcabamba in the month of its festivities traditional.

For Vane Ron, who was the facilitator of this process that brought children and adults together for 5 days of preparation in a natural space in the Vilcabamba parish, the importance of this action, in addition to "filling our natural common spaces with color," is the to "create awareness that we are present to ensure respect for the trees in our park", referring to the threatening project that the Municipality of Loja intended to implement an "urban regeneration" plan for the Central Park of Vilcabamba and in which several of its trees they were threatened with being eliminated.

Participants of the crochet workshop "Dress up your Vilcabamba tree"

Vanessa, who has been making creations of this type for more than 10 years with her venture «The Varonessa» shared her knowledge in what she calls a learning come and go, since, as she mentioned, several of the participants had previous experience in other types of crochet stitches, which contributed to enrich the Crochet Mandalas Workshop, which was the preparatory activity to the "dress" of the two trees in the Vilcabamba Park that was given as a present for our community and its visitors.

Tree in Vilcabamba Park embraced with crochet fabric
A Tree in the Vilcabamba Park embraced with crochet fabric

Since Go2Vilcabamba, our immense thanks to the weavers Zaraida, Lucia, Luli, Vane, Maria, Melissa, Kiara, Benjamín, Dana, Piedad and everyone who continues to join so that this first experience is multiplied with art and colors to other spaces. of Vilcabamba.